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Star Saber time-lapse drawing 

"Star Saber"

I want to protect only you… more than anything more than anyone else~!!

Dare yori mo nani yori mo, kimi dake wo mamoritai…

My fav jungler~!!

"Ai suru hibi oo.. tatakai mamoru!!"

Draken X Cassian 

"Do you remember Love?" one of the songs that always gives me goosebumps.. I feel like a Zentradi everytime listening to the song :p

Yack Deculture!!

Do you remember Lynn Minmay?

Draken X Cassian lovers

star wars commission 

another comic project page 1 thumbnails sketch

SWTOR Trooper sketch

"Let’s Dance!"


One of my amazing and talented fans made me into this awesome comic-like character! If you don’t know, I’m a huge comic book nerd so this is beyond cool!! By far one of the most unique and rad pieces I’ve received, thank you @supparider 👍❤️

I’m happy you like it kendylaurora