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swtor commish 

iwearbowties ultimate cute girl

"practice/challenge design with reference under 1hrs… fail… took around 1hrs 15 mins" 

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I’m not an expert on warfare or anything, but if you are launching rackets at innocent children on a beach (Gaza) or taking down a commercial plane full of tourists (Ukraine), there is something really fucked up.

You are not getting your point across, you are murdering people that have nothing to do with your dispute in the most callous of manners, and I can’t even start on saying how much I despise your actions. Shame on you.

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"For my family!!"

' Ridaaa  Batgirl Kick~~!”

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"We could be a superhero if we have a heart"



Natasi Nerys”

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"I’m not Okay… I Promise"

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