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One of my amazing and talented fans made me into this awesome comic-like character! If you don’t know, I’m a huge comic book nerd so this is beyond cool!! By far one of the most unique and rad pieces I’ve received, thank you @supparider 👍❤️

I’m happy you like it kendylaurora

for the empire! commission wip

Pegasus Seiya Timelaps drawing video 

Pegasus Meteor~!!

Sugar Rush

Sugar Rush WIP

Welcome back kendylaurora aka The Tattooed Hijabi~! 

pew pew pew

"scars" commish wip 

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"The girl of the dawn with eyes of blue, and angel wings"

"Don’t look for me, don’t look at me…”

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@steelreflections wildstar character “Raam”

" comicbookgirl19 meets pacific rim meets godzilla” (Japanese dialogue correction Thanks mister Hiro for the correction~!!)